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Malvern Brume - Pacing The Hollow Path


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TEETH001 comes from Malvern Brume, who has already notched up releases on cult labels like Low Company, Alter, Infant Tree and Kashual Plastik. Brume’s practice is something akin to audio collage, a layering of sounds each with a strong sense of time and place but nevertheless otherworldly and disorientating.

The title, Pacing The Hollow Path, was initially the name of a collaborative piece between Brume and Wes Knowler which ended up on the cutting room floor. However the discarded text from the collaboration, which focussed on the act of walking - Brume’s principle obsession, came to inspire this record.

Pacing The Hollow Path is inspired by a daily walking practice that saw the artist return to similar places again and again, such as Sydenham Woods, Catford and Nunhead Cemetary. During those walks he visualised the scores and text which would become the six tracks on the Album. The result is, in the artist’s words “both an emotional response and I guess an explanatory process to recounting these walks.”

Sonically, rough textural notes combine with insectoid drones and distant crackle against the occasional entry of more familiar, albeit ruptured, instruments like the piano.