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new.com - Imagine The Truth


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Fresh in the post, we got a little box of these fully-charged pieces of soundsystem inspired music from Marius Neukom aka new.com, served up in ltd edition DIY style on the Comfortnoise label, and available here now from us, for those of you want a slice for your turntable >>

"Dubwise, club-oriented, futuristic bass music you haven’t heard yet: “Calistenics” varies a pattern of drums with bass. Reduced like reggae versions in the past, however exploring a yet unknown urban atmosphere. “Zerostar” raises darkness to light in a stripped-down, melancholic garage temper. An invitation to drift wherever your unconsciousness allows you to. “Gadabout” teaches an erratically pounding, obscure philosophy. Right on the dancefloor. “Airgrit” finally cultivates its very own, introvert variant of melodic techno. At the low end, it is nursing a rumble you won’t properly esteem, unless you play it on your better monitors. Or preferably on a proper sound system, just as the other tracks.

Imaginative, comprehensive, exploratory rhythms and sounds. Again, they are inspired by pertinent, game-changing science fiction literature. Written by remarkably socially critical rather than tech affine authors such as Octavia E. Butler (com03 & com04), David Mitchell (com05), and Ursula K. Le Guin. Like the latter and her character Ai Genly (in the novel The Left Hand Of Darkness, 1969) say: “The truth is a matter of the imagination.”


Edition of 150 copies, includes insert and DL code