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RWDFWD was very lucky to grab some copies of this latest collaboration from pagan Mediterranean noise titan / drummer Mai Mai Mai as he was passing through Bristol. From what we can tell we're the only shop in the world to have them....

Two side long improvisations of sci-fi kosmische with Italian psych collective Squadra Omega - blistering sax, dramatic peaks and troughs, chest-rattling atmospherics sparring with star-gazing moogs.
Jaw dropping stuff.

Served in a drop dead gorgeous package with marbled transparent wax and two A4 art prints by Flavio Bordin "Omega Mai" is the name of a new collaboration between Mai Mai Mai & Squadra Omega after few sessions at the Outside Inside Studio made using Modular Synths, Moog, Revox, Saxophone and Bass, the recordings got shaped into this LP: soundtrack of an evocative walk thru the dark woods of Montello, the hill on which the studio is located, which still vibrates with the terrible clashes that occurred during WWI.

>> Thoroughly great from start to finish, and one of the heaviest & dankest & yet ethereal moods heard in some time. The inner goth in you wants you to hear this, trust us.

250 copies on clear vinyl with black haze.
Recorded on August 11, 2020 at Outside Inside Studio, Volpago del Montello. Omega Mai is Squadra Omega (Omega Matt, Omega G8) and Mai Mai Mai.
Mixed and mastered by Matt Bordin. Includes two A4 drawings by Flavio Bordin.

A: (Omega Mai) 17:46
2. (Mai Omega) 15:59


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