• Only Joe - Play With Fire / Dubkasm / Hylu & Jago / DJ Madd Remixes

Only Joe - Play With Fire / Dubkasm / Hylu & Jago / DJ Madd Remixes

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Brand new OnlyJoe 12" -

Four cuts on the disc....

Kicking off with the original, packed with rhythm and musicality, it's a joy to listen to the musicianship on this one.
Adding to the accomplished delivery of the music is that the mastering job sounds absolutely crisp and clear on each of the tracks on this 180gsm disc.

Vocals, sax, horns, guitar, bass, drum - it's all in here.
New roots as it should be.

Next cut -
Sleepy Time Ghost & Hylu combine strengthst to transform the original track further into a unique depth charge with a beautifully spacious and unhinged intro section, swaying along letting each sample, each chord breathe in it's own right, with unexpected notes and melody keeping the ears well tuned into what's next...Switching out of that space and into dancefloor territory, the track continues to enter into the dubstep bass oscillation we know oh-so-well.

Flip the disc and you will find Dubkasm delivering their goods, injecting their trademark dubwise roots flavour, drenching the instruments and rhythm through their soundcraft mixing console in top form and style.
With an ear for a crystal clear mixdown, but no loss of 'dread' and depth, this dubkasm cut reminds us of Aswad's production and sound at their very best -
this is one version not to be overlooked!

Fourth cut on the Disc:
DJ Madd, long time rub-a-dubstep souljah, turns up the sub and increases the weight to full effect, geared for the big sounds that aren't scared to play it loud.
This one steps forward in sub heavy motion, echoes shooting over the low-frequency foundations in on-point fashion.

Top disc! Righteous roots with a twist from the Bristol-London connection 'Onlyjoe' and extended Unit137 friends and family.

Mastered by Stardelta Mastering.
180gsm disc.
Hand-stamped and numbered.
Limited to 500 vinyl copies.

OnlyJoe - Play with Fire (Original)

Play With Fire (Sleepy Time Ghost & Hylu Remix)

Play With Fire (Dubkasm Remix)

Play With Fire (DJ Madd)