• Rezzett - Puddings EP
  • Rezzett - Puddings EP

Rezzett - Puddings EP


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Real great to see Rezzett have pressed up another self-release thing, following on from that cantankerous electroid dancehall fizz they served on a 7" some years back, with this deadly 12" sized four tracker, laced with more potent RZ style fizz. This time in the form of melancholy rave abrasion and lush mind-warp rhythms str8 outta phaser-hell and into flanger-heaven, sounding raw and unpeeled like a wah-wah orange made out of TDK chrome.

Oh, and the tracks are named after a bunch o' classic Puddings - don't ask us why, we don't know. But we can confirm they all taste damn good. Except Plum Duff - we never tried that yet.

Ready to be plated, this'll stay hot a while, but don't leave it too long cos it might get eaten up by your uncle or auntie if you're too slow. It's the good stuff that made you finish your din-dins in the first place!

Four track 12", white label, stamped style.

Plum Duff

Sticky Toffee

Spotted Dick