• Riddim Tuffa ft. El Fata - Dancehall Style EP

Riddim Tuffa ft. El Fata - Dancehall Style EP

Tuffa Dubs

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Riddim Tuffa & El Fata inna Dancehall Style -

For the first EP on Tuffa Dubs Records, Riddim Tuffa build the instrumental's in a modern/retro digital style as El Fata takes full control of the mic with his sweet signature tones and fully flowing melody.

Two vocal cuts and one dub version per side, all tracks come in rough and ready, in full dancehall glory, at 45rpm.

Born in Nigeria, El Fata's style and execution is simply irresistible to any dancehall lover, and his delivery comes with added African charm and style -

just listen to his sweet lovers vocals on 'Super lover' or his upfront delivery on 'Dancehall Sweet' for a good reference point to how El Fata does things.

The rhythms all hit very nicely on a sound too, wether thats' your home hi-fi or a big 18" scoop.


Revolution Time / Revolution Time Dub

Super Lover

Dancehall Sweet / Dancehall Sweet Dub

Champion Sound