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Sam Binga & Welfare - Conamara Fieldworks / Ossia Remix


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The 10th disc on Ezra Ereckson & Tracy Harrison's Khaliphonic imprint - This time presenting Bristolian excursions into Irish depths, via sound.

Continuing to swerve the conventions of traditional dubwise in contemporary style, the latest 12" on ZamZam's long format brother Khaliphonic, cuts to wax five ultra-heavyweight, swamped dub-techno alterations from Sam Binga & Welfare along with a transporting remix from Ossia, perusing the same sonics that Sam & Welfare gathered deep in the Irish countryside and meticulously recorded for later sound forge in the lab and the subsequent versioning session for each original tune on the mixing desk at the one-and-only Dubkasm Studio.

The result is one of the most immense, and (thankfully) unique takes on the dub techno reductionist aesthetic we've heard. Perhaps not least due to the incline for pacy soundsystem burners from Binga & Welfare... who's re-clad DnB stylings shimmer through the fog here, in just the right way. Basically, what we're dealing with here, is a set of scenarios that could be described as '10 tonne bassbin pressure meets the deepest depths of dub techno & the introspective (or should we say extrospective?!) qualities of field recording'.

Check the insight coming from the producers & label themselves, for all your info-hungry needs:

"In early November 2016, we set off through the bleakness of an Irish November into the wilderness that is Conamara, County Galway, Ireland, with about half an idea of what we wanted to do. Our friend Laney had been kind enough to allow us the use of a 300 year old cottage overlooking the sea, itself belonging to her family through generations which she was bit by bit restoring to its former glory. The isolation was perfect - very little in the way of creature comforts, no network coverage, but plenty of turf for the stove and Guinness for the belly.

Our routine for the next few days consisted of trudging the length of the rugged coastline in search of interesting sounds we could potentially process into usable elements for some kind of dub/dub techno-inspired composition...This took us inside tidal caves and abandoned ruins, across sheep fields, up and down mountains and winding country lanes, in and out of the odd pub, under upturned boats and (carefully) across huge washes of seaweed-covered shoreline. Using our handheld recorder (shouts Danny Scrilla for the lend) we assembled a palette of varied noises, constantly battling with the peaking and distortion created by the incessant Atlantic gusts."

"The resulting collection of music speaks for itself, and does so in its own language. It is meditative, deeply textural, and richly saturated, with awesome sound design, generous bass weight, and dubwise finesse. Referencing ambient, concrete, and dub techno while never letting any genre dictate its path, Conamara Fieldworks is a deeply rewarding and intensely involving listen."

A serious depth-charge of a record!

Limited edition of 500, served with printed sleeve.

a1. Sam Binga & Welfare - Trá na Feadóige
a2. Sam Binga & Welfare - Muirbhigh (Ossia Remix)
b1. Sam Binga & Welfare - Cloch Na Rón
b2. Sam Binga & Welfare - Iorras Beag
b3. Sam Binga & Welfare - Muirbhigh

Sam Binga & Welfare - Trá na Feadóige

Sam Binga & Welfare - Muirbhigh (Ossia Remix)

Sam Binga & Welfare - Cloch Na Rón

Sam Binga & Welfare - Iorras Beag