• Silvestre - Resina

Silvestre - Resina

Padre Himalaya

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Fresh dancehall-drill inspired hybrids from London-based Silvestre on the Padre Himalaya label, following up bullets from Mohamad Reza Mortavi and East Man with this punch-packing 6 tracker.
We're always up for some dog barks too, especially when it's this many.

'100 bpm leftfield Dancehall inspired by early 2000s riddims. Silvestre's reaction to his research and digging on dancehall music resulted in composing a 6 track Ep with heavy influence in this genre adding his own dreamy melodies and razor synths which he has got us used to. In addition to melodies, you can notice chopped vocal samples which actually are taken from UK Drill tunes proposing the connection between the two genres.'

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The Dogs

Donut Dance

Osga Riddim 6 t

Night Bus To Peckham


Baby Voice