• Singing Statues - Persian Prince / BNJMN Remix

Singing Statues - Persian Prince / BNJMN Remix


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Stunning 7” from one of our favourite Labels , constantly delivering fresh and forward-thinking music…

This time we are presented with ‘Persian Prince’ by Thomas Brown a.k.a. Singing Statues, remixed on the flip by BNJMN, one of his more prolific monikers.
Persian Prince is so rich in harmonic texture and immersed in it’s own vivacious sparkle it seems almost impossible to lift the needle once it’s placed on the record.
Distant, thought evoking guitar chords form layers of innate reverbs, so dense it is easy to get lost in their sonic realm without noticing the subtle vocal textures and deep, driving low end.
The BNJM remix focuses on the driving elements of the original track, keeping that thoughtful and emotive feeling and using all the momentum and energy that was deeply conserved in the original track, lashing out the concealed urgency...
Sounds like waking up at sunrise, watching the snow melt for the first time after a long, harsh winter…

Singing Statues - Persian Prince

Singing Statues - Persian Prince (BNJMN Remix)