• Sinistarr / Sub - Drama Dub / Instantaneous (ACR027)

Sinistarr / Sub - Drama Dub / Instantaneous (ACR027)

Alphacut Records

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Storming 12” on Alphacut Records!

Upfront & Smart Junglist Music by Sinistarr & Sub make up this beautiful 12”: cut to white vinyl, spray painted with the alphacut logo and housed in a white sleeve with a seal containing the catalogue number and track details.

Absolute bassbin annihilation on the A Side - ‘Drama Dub’ comes in with an eerie intro, harsh hi-hats crashing in like a warning before the aggressive reverbed kicks and snares breathe a rude half-time rhythm into this track, short gasps for air are filled with cleverly placed stabs and samples - not letting off any pressure until the breakdown comes in. Dancefloor Destroyer!

The B-Side freshens things up a bit... mellow rhodes chords and a soothing US vocal sample sway over tight jungle edits and a bubbling bassline, holding the listeners attention in a tight grip whilst controlling the mood.
Still dangerously tough, yet warming & smooth - ‘Instantaneous’ and it’s cool flow seem to fit perfectly alongside the intense ‘Drama Dub’ on the flipside.
Great Release.

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, including no less than 7 locked grooves! 

Sinistarr - Drama Dub

Sub - Instantaneous