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Canadian Skwee Stalwart -  Slow Hand Motem, makes strong moves on this 7” –

Vanity Hugs combines the tongue and cheek, bright and raw sound palette of the Scandinavian skwee style but underlines it with a serious amount of sexy, sleazy Chicago House undertone. Rather nasty Bass stabs and a hardy kick drum play in a call & response way with a cool and twisted vocal, making this track as jacking and delightfully frantic as any skwee-ish House track could wish to be.
Flip the disc, and Finnish Artist ‘Mesak’ takes things further – Drippingly wet analogue rhythms arpeggiate irregularly to form a sort of organized chaos, bubbling and alive, fully fresh.
For the heads!

Artwork by Jeremy Kenemy.

Slow Hand Motëm - Vanity Hugs

Slow Hand Motëm - Vanity Hugs (Mesak Remix)