• Strategy - Return From The Stars / Pev Remix

Strategy - Return From The Stars / Pev Remix

Idle Hands

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We've been keen followers of the the scene here in Bristol of course, but we should also mention that we are big fans of what's going on musically in this place called Portland, in the state of Oregon, USA.

Labels such as ZamZam, Boomarm Nation, and of course the output of the ever versatile Paul Dickow aka Strategy have been enticing to say the least.

It's with great joy that we can offer you this 12" from one of our favourite Bristol labels and record shops: Idle Hands.

And to solidify the combination further, turn the disc around and you will find a formidable remix by Bristol's one and only 'Peverelist' (or Uncle Pev, as we like to call him)

For Side A, Strategy delivers the goods with 'Return From The Stars' -

A subdued four-to-the-floor rhythm and lush, filtered bassline pave the way for the ear candy to take shape, in full analogue glory.
Dubbed out and blissful. Beautiful stuff!

On the flip, Pev steps up on remix duties -

Zoned-out 2 step patterns, syndrum dub sirens and glimpses of undiluted roots music, all flowing effortlessly over a huge low-end.
What more do you want?


If you haven't got this yet, you're sleeping.

Strategy - Return From The Stars

Strategy - Return From The Stars (Pev's Jerky Remix)