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Sunun - Ooid EP w/ Kinlaw Remix

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<< Restock of this future Bristol classic >>

Presenting her debut release for Bokeh Versions - and a strong one it is! -
Sunun is delivering the long-awaited goods with this 4 track EP + Kinlaw Remix, after many moons of groundwork in Bristol home territory, earning her respects in live circuits and as a selector at Slack Alice, Young Echo & Bokeh Events, and with her regular Noods Radio show...

Sunun collages and creates, cruising with mixing desk faders and rattling spring reverbs, in dub, yet off the beaten track like African Head Charge's finest moments, in a otherwordly exploration style like the finest of Discrepant's voyages, and with a kind of crystalised heaviness known from the best of Andy Stott styles...
These are valid comparisons of course, but Sunun's totally own sound is to be consumed as exactly that. Throughout Ooid, she moves at once swamped & scattered with intricacies, and with razor sharp frequency precision in the next moment, a tripped out depth-charge into unknown territories.

From the get go of this 12", the overdriven percussion knocks it's way through the mist of her voice, FM dub chords, moving echoes, heavy-duty bassline and high-freq jungle ambience all swing & sway in a lush discordant unison... Straight in the deep end, and you ain't climbing back out of the pool either.
The tropical / otherworldy atmospherics are a theme that carries through later excursions also, taking in chinese string instruments (or is it the harp?) widest of reverbs, natural sounds and mic'd up percussive elements to make a concoxion of dubwise tradition and far-out experimentalism.
Re-tuned vox and re-pitched samples take in a dizzying array of effects, perusing the whole row of channels on her mixing desk in a cross-wire of effects & feedback....

Her sound is not one you can hack into and put into writing really.
It's a mysterious vibe that needs to be indulged in.
The whole thing is a proper trip, and we worry that these clips won't get the magic across the same way as the full consumption of this record in it's entirety...

So.... Just... do it. You trust us, right?

------ Oh shit, and did we forget to mention that absolute deathwish of a remix from one of Bristol's most baddest producers? Kinlaw at the controls, grabbing you by the ear and guiding you through the industrial-jungle-warzones of planet earth 2.0 via hand-grenade explosions, nail-bombs, crushing acid waterfalls, sensory frequency detonations and smog... lots of smog.

Fuk yea.

Side 1
1. Ishe Roots
Side 2
1. Untitled Lvlz
2. Dark Just
3. Dark Just (Kinlaw remix)

Ishe Roots


Untitled Lvlz

Dark Just (Kinlaw remix)