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Kahn - Illy / Tehran

Punch Drunk Records

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Much needed repress of this 2011 essential!

Pure Bristol bass pressure, the second release by Kahn on Peverelist's Punch Drunk imprint.

First off, we have 'Illy' which, coming from a Bristol, turn-of-the-decade point of view, sounds spot on somewhere in between that shuffling 2-step rhythm that were a staple to Kahn's productions at the time, coupled with the bright 'purple wow' sound that the likes of Gemmy, Joker and Guido were engaging with... It's a brilliant mix of melody, rhythm and low-end.

'Tehran' is centred around a revolving vocal stab, judging by the track name quite possibly of Iranian descent, swirling around a heavily-loaded 808 sub and claps that push forward in a dancehall structure and hit hard in a reduced and raw way... Play it loud.

A great 12" from back then, and it still hits real hard!
If you don't own it yet, it's very certainly worth adding to your collection.