Asusu – Sister

Vinyl (12")
Livity Sound [LIVITY002]
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Following on from the ‘Beneth Radar’ 12 by Pev & Kowton earlier this year is Asusu with two tracks, ‘Sister’ and ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’.

‘Sister’ on the A side is a blue and wistful affair: ghosts of
2-step rhythms that garnished his earlier work on PSQ and Immerse haunt the
track but only just.

This is machine music, as industrial-sounding as Detroit techno,  which undoubtedly influenced this mechanical monster, the gears of which are
oiled with drops of human emotion. The machine’s galloping pace builds and roughly textured stabs rise up from it like valves under high
pressure, finally bursting.

A heart-wrenching dialogue between man and machine.

The B side of the record, ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’, slinks out from the depths in a manner not too dissimilar from Raime but with a greater sense of urgency. The foreboding classical sample this track is steeped in is a nod to the ambient techno master, Biosphere, but by no means a cheap imitation. The beauty lies in the dialogue created between the kick drum, bludgeoning you like a bag of oranges in a pillowcase, leaving no bruises, just dizziness and the delicate passages of sound design that Stennet has skillfully woven through them.

A very tense trip.

Both tracks are as solid and uncompromising as the vinyl they are pressed

Out of stock!
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