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Dubwise landing from Beam Up on ZamZam! –

Here we are… Another fresh delivery from the postman, direct import from the ZamZam HQ in Portland, USA –

The next instalment in the highly collectable series of 7″s on the D.I.Y. label comes in the form of two differing, bass-heavy, echo-laden cuts from the once UK, now Berlin resident ‘Beam Up’ who has delivered some choice dub excursions in conjunction with One-Drop Berlin in recent times.

Zweimal – translating to ‘twice’ in German – Steppers kickstarts the disc, with a pulsating 4 x 4 rhythm that urges it’s way through the syncopated percussion and the swirling reverb and delays… Expertly crafted and executed echo chamber styles here, enhanced by a guest performance from the french ‘Dubble Dubble’ on keys.
A surefire stepper that sits in it’s own smokey sphere whilst containing all the right ingredients for upfront soundsystem use.

Flip it around for a rootical affair with a double-time twist….
Featuring Joelistics, making great use of the original 1966 Fender Telecaster guitar – Joe Strummer’s favorite – as well as some brilliant horns playing by Beam Up himself, the retrospective, forward-thinking ‘Higher Level’ delivers fast-paced action in perfect complimentation to the first cut…

All topped up with a typically lush D.I.Y. aesthetic, this is another great addition to the ever-growing ZamZam collection.

Served in thick card screenprinted sleeve.
Limited to 700 vinyl, no digital, no repress.
Hand-screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.

Out of stock!
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