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The very first of transmissions from Cera Khin & Ossia following their gone-in-a-flash Blue Baboon mixtape. This time, it’s a debut of Cera’s tracks along with a collaborative affair, all on their homegrown, dream conceived LazyTapes project –

LazyTapes is here, and the first edition is the perfect sensory assault for those who like to drift.

The collaborative title track ‘Heavy Feet Heavy Eyes’ is a kind of twisted re-imagining of a slurred and screwed lucid dreaming instruction video on youtube (which is in itself already a bit of conflicting scenario) –
Ossia & Cera Khin took this dream control instruction video into creepy territory, moving from the most unnervingly calm moments through to collateral rackets of sound collage… Popcorn, metal chains, bath tubs, sirens and building site machinery all find their way into this attempt at lucid dreaming. Over the course of this 10 minute meditation, the listener is syphoned into the deeper echelons of brain activity before being transported back into high alert zones via full charge frequency.

The cassette, across it’s 25min course, debuts Cera’s very own work too, with
‘Ants Don’t Have Lungs’ and ‘Frogs In My Bed’. The latter being a collage of her own synthesis, extracts from some of her rarest & most obscure records and field recordings that she had recorded on a trip to Tunisia earlier that year.
She summons the frogs residing in that empty swimming pool in Tunis into a widescreen mesh of sounds, in the most spacious, restrained and concise ways. Stretched out for several minutes of expanded dream-state, the elements pass through the arrangement like worried clouds, creating a constant feeling of somehow comforting uncertainty, just before a distant drum beat flashes through, like a glimpse of a rainbow putting a temporary end to a gloomy day.

‘Ants Don’t Have Lungs’, the final cut on this cassette gives us excellent knowledge with it’s track title, and then continues to fry your brain, ridding of any prior knowledge, by way of a tripped out, frenzied electronic whirlwind.
A perfect finisher to one of the most hallucinogenic releases we’ve heard in recent times, a great statement of intent.

Just in case you hadn’t left this planet by means of this description yet, your audio ticket is available here via RwdFwd.

Yellow Side:

1: Cera Khin & Ossia – Heavy Feet Heavy Eyes
2: Cera Khin – Frogs In My Bed
3: Cera Khin – Ants Don’t Have Lungs

Black Side:

Mixed & produced at Ossia’s studio.
Mastered by Carsten Dämbkes.

Edition of 100 cassettes.
Served with sticker and printed inlay.
Designed & Illustrated by Patch D Keyes.


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