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The critically acclaimed Chronixx, straight from Jamaica –

There has been much excitement around Chronixx in recent times, largely due to his undeniable talent and vocal skill, but also because he is holding the flame for a new rise in reggae music from Jamaica, the country that had perhaps ironically let roots reggae lie to the side of the much more prominent modern dancehall & rap movement, whilst the rest of the world continued to cherish the sound that originated from the Island… However, alongside artists like Jah 9, Chronixx comes loaded with that direct and undiluted JA sound, Dread & Terrible continues to uphold the origins of reggae music, from the production to the arrangement, all whilst sounding uncompromisingly up-to-date and fresh.

Featuring the musicianship and knowledge of Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Ini Kamoze, Freddie McGregor and more, it’s the perfect blend between old and new that makes this LP stand out from the rest…And there’s something in here for the roots massive as well as the dancehall crew.

Chronixx is here, get to know!

Served in printed sleeve, pressed to 180gsm vinyl.

Alpha & Omega
Here Comes Trouble
Capture Land
Wheel Out
Eternal Fire
Side B:
Like A Whistle
Alpha & Omega Dub
Here Comes Trouble Dub
Capture Land Dub

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