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Glaswegian label 12th Isle inject another dose of hallucinogenic abyssal chaos into proceedings with the sludged out, hazy near-psychedelica of Blubber Tottum.

Not much is known about this record’s creator(s) – they’re called Cru Servers and they’re from Glasgow, the rest is unimportant. What is important is the unfamiliar yet inviting sound-world they inhabit on Blubber Tottum which touches on, references and messes up a huge range of stylistic influences. Theres the exhumed, distorted Bleep N Bass stylings of Dorito Rook, channelling those signifiers through contemporary grime nodes without ending up sounding anything like either.

Towards the end of the LP we have the Aphex Twin-like Accursed Share, with its playful synth melody and deliberate drum programming; it’s a relatively stable book-end to a journey that’s frantic and restless without every losing focus of its own strengths. The closest musical comparison is Actress – tracks like Shot To Life and Ark Bile Top-Ups could easily be mistaken for one of Darren Cunningham’s tracks, not so much for any easy direct comparison, but more in terms of the ambiguous mood that they evoke – like him, Cru Severs are able to turn traditionally happy musical signifiers into something less easy to identify – it’s awesome stuff to behold.

Housed in a screenprinted sleeve for good measure – this comes highly recommended.

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