Following on from the unhinged ferric excursion of Best Available Technology about a month ago, Astro:Dynamics step up to bring us another piece of deliciously gritty D.I.Y. music.
This time along we are presented with the works of David Salvati from Italy, a.k.a. ‘Dave Saved’ (The english translation).

Steeped in a woozy wash of hiss and white noise, Dave Saved takes the listener on a determinedly hallucinogenic journey, reminiscent of a hazy memory of a drug-fuelled youth.
Taking aboard the ruggedness of early Electro and Punk music as well as an array of 80’s drum machine jams, the music feels recognizable yet ever so estranged.

Hard and raw. Perfect Cassette Music.
Do not sleep on this!

Mastered by Vessel via Reel-to-Reel tape.

Includes download code.

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