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DPRTNDRP - Malawi / Less Smell / Hedera


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Over the last few years a newer style of 140 has emerged. Clearly indebted to one of the titans of the scene, Gantz, it focusses on incredibly loose, heavily swung rhythms and slightly grimier textures than your average sub-low banger, it was and still is a fresh take on what can often be a slightly narrow, stale aesthetic.

DTRTNDRP (boy what a mouthful) fits firmly within this framework, particularly the tongue-in-cheek, edit-heavy and blatant highlight Hedera. Demonstrating an absolute bucket-load of production skill and an unhinged sense of forward progression (see: an unexpected left turn every 30 seconds). We love tracks like this; they keep you guessing while never losing sight of their own groove, an incredibly tough balance to strike and one DPRTNDRP does perfectly.

The other two tracks (Malawi and Less Smell) use similar structural devices to varying degrees, while being slightly more dancefloor-focussed. Taken together with the B, they make for a fresh take on the 140 sound from a newcomer who sounds like they've already established a singular sound by release number 1.


Less Smell