Killerrrr set of dubs from some of the very finest cuts of Horace ‘Sleepy’ Andy!
Gems from ’73 – ’76!

Horace Andy is one of the original and most respected voices from the early years, through to recent years – no doubt about it. Just listen closely and feel that falsetto, and you’ll know why. Originally working with foundation artist Phil Pratt in the 60s, and then later with Studio One’s Coxsone Dodd, he then went on to work with Bunny Lee at Channel One and Randy’s, with the recording reels being passed on to King Tubby for the dub versions, even in his earlier years he recorded big, timeless classics such as Skylarking, Just Say Who, Money Money, Love Of Woman, Zion Gate and many more – all of which are featured on this LP, in dub forms.

There are cuts on this LP that are lesser known too, such as a reworked version of Skylarking, featuring Augustus Pablo on the backing track.
There’s a raw, dubwise cut to the infamous ‘Money Money’ on here too, spring reverberations and tough drum section complete with fizzing hi-hats.
Something On My Mind also gets the drum & bass version, dubwise at its core.
Capping things off, we have a sweeter than sweet, and perfectly haunting dub to ‘You Are My Angel.

Ooph, we could go on – too many to mention!
Dub extraordinaire, with one of the finest voices to ever get shot through a mixing desk and through the echo box.

Side A
1. Why Oh Why Dub
2. Dub Larking
3. Zion Dub
4. Dub Monkey
5. A True Dub
6. Dub Guidance

Side B
1. Dub Say Who
2. Dub On My Mind
3. Love Of A Dub Band
4. Use Dub
5. Dub Letter
6. Dub Angel

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