Blackest Ever Black confounding expectations once again with an LP of Jazz and Dub experiments from Jac Berrocal and Co, housed in a stunning full colour/reverse board sleeve with a printed inner bag and download

Delirium, colour, excitement and effortless cool give just a snapshot of the range of what is on offer here. Recorded in Paris in 2011 this is one of the most unique listening experiences on wax, as seemingly disparate elements – Jazz, Dub, Musique concrete and a Gallic punk spirit, coalesce into a sound so potent it is a wonder it hasn’t been done before.

The range of instruments utilised by the trio in these performances is astounding, not only in the sheer number of instruments (trumpet/cymbals/guitar/synths/accordion…) but in the proficiency and ingenuity with which they are wielded. Guitars yaw and drone in cavernous reverb interjected by sharp trumpet bursts as thickened feedback beds undulate in an alien meter whilst found percussion is effected in real time sounding as though Pierre Schaeffer was being ran through Scientist’s mixing desk.

The excellent recording quality and production on this record almost acts as a fourth member to the group, you can’t help but imagine this being recorded in a smoky backstreet in a city of another space and time!

For Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay this is just another day at the office, but for the unenlightened it is a window into an enigmatic world.

Grab this, turn off the lights and breathe in!

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