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Bristol-based visionaries and all round good blokes Andy Mac and Jay L first presented their Deep Street label last year via a collaborative effort between the Mac himself and the ever-brilliant Zennor.

Where that record traded in swung, grooving dub-techno influenced numbers, Jay L moves things in a more soulful direction. For fans of Theo Parrish and the lighter sides of Moodymann, My Friend pushes a loose-grooving, jazz-inflected soundscape that clocks in at an extensive 9ish minutes. As the track lopes on the laid-back forward movement starts to play with your temporal awareness; a slightly roundabout way of saying it’s definitely a number to lose yourself in – something that it definitely shares with its predecessor on the label.

On the flip is Me & Her. An insistent Rhodes melody softens the surprisingly banging drum track into a poised but gentle dancefloor number. Like the title, the track’s suggestions are obvious, and the top-lines drift by in a dreamy haze that – by the latter half of the track – conjoin to form a virtuosic melodic counterpoint that calls, responds and evokes all of the best characteristics of the music that serves as its most obvious waypoint.

To simplify all that into one sentence; these are brilliant tracks and impossible not to move to, even by the steeliest amongst us. Tip!

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