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Lamont - Far Away / Zed Bias Remix


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Darkside garage bubblers, from  BRSTL to LDN -

Big bad drop from the Bristol-based 'Durkle Disco' imprint, this 12" comes loaded with two dancefloor cuts, the original version from Lamont on the A-Side - proper shoulder rolling 2-step styles.
Reminding of early Horsepower Productions with it's eerie soundscapes and dubwise maneuvres, the violin shots circle around the bass-stab with just the right motion, there's a real skip and crispy arrangement to this one - perfect club music.

Flip it around for a remix from the legendary originator, Zed Bias himself - twisting and turning the elements of Lamont's 'Far Away' into darker territory, keeping to the sparse and deadly ingredients that shape the original but adding some extra bassline dread and tension...

This one would've done damage in the early 2000's and it'll still do damage now - big tunes.

Edition of 300, in hand-numbered, stickered sleeve.

Lamont - Far Away

Far Away (Zed Bias)