Mount Fog – We Know Nothing

Vinyl (8'' Lathe Cut)
Mount Fog [HST001]
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Our jaws dropped a little when this beauty arrived at the office. Crafted and recorded by Italian-Swedish art collective Mount Fog, We Know Nothing is a gorgeous ambient / noise piece that journeys through a series of abstract musical terrains that link through subdued, ominous acoustic instrumentation including low-register flutes and other winds.

Accompanied by a constant flurry of pseudo-percussive elements and waves of resonant bass frequencies, its impact and compositional ingenuity is striking, to say the least.

As an art collective as well as musicians, this was always going to be a pretty package as well, but the degree to which attention is paid to detail is incredible here; on a limited run of just 100 copies, each individually lathe cut in Italy, you’ll find a thick, photo-printed plexiglass insert all housed in a hand-stitched and individually screen-printed custom sleeve. The degree of care and love of the craft is obvious, and in our eyes elevates this package even further. Put simply, it’s as stunning a work of art as the pieces of music that occupy it.

Edition of 100, lathe cut dubplate with plexiglass insert, and hand-stitched, screenprinted sleeve.

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