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OFF THE HOOK - 2 Years Of Hotline Recordings

Hotline Recordings

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Two years of cryptic voicemails, street promotion, phone-driven party line-ups and dancefloor wrecking traxxx -

Following a series of vinyl-only 12"s, the label that championed some of the most timeless cuts from the likes of Kahn & Neek, Lurka, Rachael, Dj Sotofett, Commodo and Hodge, now presents us with this exxxclusive cassette compilation featuring their back catalog.

Kicking off with the B-Side of their latest release, the tape-reel works it's way back through their catalog, kicking off with the B sides, beginning with the latest head-turner from Hodge 'Flashback' right through to the incendiary 'Backchat' by Kahn & Neek.
It's a great chance to hear these cuts on ferric-grade tape, with tunes such as the Rachael's fuzzy, hardcore residue 'Okada' and it's Jungle remake by the Sex Tags bo$$man, providing just two of the highlights in this listening experience that the cassette provides... And for those who want the tunes for their phone or hi fi, yes, that's right - the tape comes with a high-quality download for 9 of the tracks, available directly via our site.

Hotline intends to maintain it's stance on the physical manifestation of music, and whilst this tape does indeed offer the digital files  of previously vinyl-only releases, the only way you can obtain these is by grabbing the tape, and this tape provides a very satisfactory manifestation of their proud back catalogue, all served in a hot-lookin' Studio Tape-Echo design.

And, last but certainly not least....

The B-side features a 40ish min, fully exclusive, cassette-only mix by the duo that kickstarted the labels affairs with Backchat - Kahn & Neek.

We can't let go of any clips, but we can assure you that the tape is packed with mixtape-magic, unreleased material and a whole heap of sikk beats... In our humble opinion, the tape is worth your dollar just for this alone.

90mins total run time.

Comes with instant high-quality download of 9 single tracks.

Full artwork and foldout cover design by Studio Tape-Echo.
White print on black tape.
Features each of the latest five Hotline releases.
Features an exclusive, tape-only  mix by Kahn & Neek on the flip.


Side A:
Hodge - Flashback
Hodge - Mind Games
Commodo - Good Grief
Commodo - F_ck Mountain
Rachael - Okada - DJ Sotofett - SO-Phat Riddimix Is Junglized (tape-only)
Rachael - Okada
Lurka - BR Greaze
Lurka - Full Clip
Kahn & Neek - Dubchat
Kahn & Neek - Backchat

Side B:
Kahn & Neek - Exxxclusive Hotline Mix (tape-only)