Pragmat #002

Cassette (Cassette / C60)
Pragmat [PRAGMAT #002]

Deep, brooding techno excursions from the Pragmat Label based in Germany.
Following on from a limited white label release, the second outing comes in the form of this limited cassette, loaded with 60 mins of sonic and rhythmical depth charge, well informed by the likes of Basic Channel and Echospace.
Certainly a heads down, purist affair, this compilation resides deep in the abyss of the dub sphere.
Sounds really good on cassette too.

Limited to 40 hand stamped and numbered cassettes.
Includes sticker and dl/code.

1: Redundaent – Forgotten Feelings
2: Markus Masuhr – Trikitak
3: Jonsson Toll – Svenka
4: Patch#2 – indistint
5: Elizar Brickmann – Weather Dub
6: Substak – Dubwize
7: Audub – Dub7
8: Sensitiv – Communication Has Been Lost
9: Img_02 – Strength
10: Triames – 43.252986 – 2.946267

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