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Crucial dubs from the Twinkle Brothers –

Created around 1989, what we have on this disc are essentially the sort of  tracks that Shaka would run on his sound… tough, JA/UK roots.

Hard-hitting drums stripped-back and deadly guitar or piano hooks, undeniable bassline – it’s all in there.

Simply put, at least 9 out of 10 of these tracks are just absolute killers!

Greats such as Flabba Holt on Bass, Sly Dunbar on Drums, Steelie on Keys… and of course the Twinkle Brother’s ‘Norman Grant’ on production and instruments.


Side 2:
Mob Fury
Cross Fire
Axe Man
Split Up

Side 2:
Blood Sample
The Fugitives
Every Drop Of Blood
No Return To Normal

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