Timeless compilation of crucial cuts taken from a  legendary era of UK Soundsystem  & Dancehall Culture. This is London’s answer to the Sleng Teng Explosion coming from Jammy’$ outta Kingston, JA.

Out of the many productions that surfaced in the ‘Digital Era’ of Reggae from the mid-80’s and onwards, the Unity label stands out as the one delivering the rawest, purest and consistently high-quality plates, it’s Soundsystem still maintaining it’s reputation as one of the most lively and deadliest out there.

These rhythms are as untouched, yet perfected as any electronic music can get, the vocal performances as cool and deadly as any micman could wish to be.

This compilation is essential to any music fan even vaguely curious about an era where drum machines and synthesizers transformed a style of music and the micmen and soundsystem operators handled their business with so much pride and confidence, the outcome was a vibe so unique and infectious, it has continued to influence further styles and approaches within – and outside of UK Soundsystem music.
Pick a Sound, Ride the Rhythm and Control the Dancehall… say no more. 


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