Wen descends on Soundman Chronicles for their first 2 x 12″ –

Following a serious of underground ventures, in stamped white-label style – Soundman Chronicles step up for a double-pack with full artwork and some of Wen’s best transmissions to date.

Sparse and deadly, it’s signature business from Wen, tapping in to the cold and icy corners of grime and dubstep, distilling it’s essence into razor sharp, skeletal rhythmic workouts interspersed with isolated vocal snippets from the golden era, transported into some sort of dystopian future tense.

Like Wiley on a rooftop with a sniper rifle, this is sharp-shooting grime for 2k15, in Wen style & fashion, dark and dangerous via the Soundman Chronicles imprint.

don’t sleep.

Arlington CT9
Pace Myself
She Giv
Lunar Tide Cycle
Gravity Flux

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