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Colour us fully flummoxed, Dean Blunt (must be ‘im, who else would even attempt this?!) back at his most deliberately divisive and oblique for ‘World Music’. Rumored to involve the likes of Mica Levi, Scratcha DVA and Tirzah, though I’m not about to believe any press release I read...

Honestly though, does anything make you more PROUD TO BE BRITISH THAN JUMP UP D’N’B? Perhaps the only ‘low-brow’ club music yet to be deconstructed, reappraised and sold back to you by the Advanced Dan$e Elite. Is this Jump-up or Sit-Down? Dunno m8, Smells Like Teen Corsa to me.

I was gonna mention Leyland Kirby’s 90s output as V/Vm (utter-piss-taking industry SUBversion), but it was actually his 2018 ambient-rave masterpeace ‘We, so tired of all the darkness in our lives’ that came to mind more prominently. Both Kirby and Blunt extract and twist their source material beyond recognition, leaving you wistful for raves that never even were. 2020 and Hauntology still ain’t giving up the ghost…

‘tug of war’ starts with a riddim so inane, it actually feels like an overt test of your patience, gladly passing after two arduous minutes, peak Blunt. ‘raw classics’ is a 68sec garbled digi-concréte smash-up leading into ‘liberties’, an Exorcist-istic 4-note piano creeper atop another ultra-bait repeato-beat, High Pass Filtered within an inch of silence. ‘get 2 kno’ feels like the first sincere piece on here, a genuinely moving, hyper mellow-dramatic autoch00n ballad, definite highlight. ‘grows’ is surely a CDJ Emergency Loop taken to its logical conclusion (See: Curl Collective Live and that ‘KL/BE/DH/RS’ joint on the ‘Avon Garde’ comp). ‘went too far’ is the result of 9x Stanton mixers Bitcrushing each other back & forth, forever. ‘afterglow’ starts with a cold AF 2step swagga before disintegrating into delayed abstraction, Piiri/Liima mode. ‘when you look at it’ could be an attempt a drill Devilmix? ‘afters 2’ is another garish refrain from the the opener with added scatterbrain percussion.

Truly bepuzzling stuff, definitely not for everyone, but we’re glad it exists...

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1. afters
2. tug of war
3. raw classics
4. liberties
5. get 2 kno
6. grows
7. went too far
8. afterglow
9. when u look at it
10. afters 2


tug of war