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3 The Dub Way - Furious Dub (Scoops 10")


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Three legendary UK dub veterans, in combination!

Those who have delved into the UK dub scene that has flourished since the mighty Jah Shaka first started running Disciples cuts on his sound back in the 80's, will also have come across the immense discography of Bush Chemists / Conscious Sounds and in later years also Leicester's proud dubwise export and boss of the Scoops imprint 'Vibronics.

The same label has decided to make some serious power moves here, by getting these pioneers together for combined input on the mixing board and in the production seat.

This disc here features Disciples 'Furious Dub' with two cuts from Disciples along with a Vibronics and Conscious Sounds interpretation.

Check back in a few days for the remaining 10"s in this limited edition series...
But in the meantime... Play this loud, it will drop heavy like lead!

Furious Dub (Disciples mix)

Furious Dub (Disciples dub mix)

Furious Dub (Vibronics dub mix)

Furious Dub (Conscious Sounds dub mix)