• Aardvarck – Anti Concept EP

Aardvarck – Anti Concept EP

Eat Concrete

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Aardvarck returns with his third full length album for Eat Concrete.

‘Anti Concept’ showcases a taste for deep ambient and minimalistic soundscapes whilst fusing the styles and techniques of Dub, Detroit techno and bass driven Hip Hop in a perfect flow.
As the title suggests ‘Anti Concept’ leaves aside musical genres and focuses on atmosphere rather than style.

This album combines a heap of new material amidst a few personal favourites from his earlier output via Eat Concrete and the Bloom series.

The close attention to detail and perfect execution of sonic movement is what makes this album so special.

An absolute treat.
Served on white vinyl and housed in a beautiful picture sleeve.

1 Stayput
2 O'Malley
3 Gubby
4 Dik Over Chord
5 Bosche Bol
6 Sandor vs Pig Talk Beat
7 Stay Stupid
8 Beukeboom
9 Bliebert

Aardvarck - Stayput

Aardvarck - Gubby

Aardvarck - Sandor vs Pig Talk Beat

Aardvarck - Stay Stupid