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A relic from the elusive Aardvarck, circa 2010....

If, like us, you're a longtime fan of the shape shifting, always wicked works of dutch don Aardvarck, and if, like us, you keep coming back to those early bloom white labels on Eat Concrete from around 2010-ish (in fact, these records were some of our earliest on the shelves of RWDFWD, when we first kicked things off!) -

Then this CD from back then (yes, sorry, it's a CD... but we're still grateful) will satisfy that itch for years to come.
Filled with a whole range of choice cuts (get it?!) from around the time of those much revered white labels, including some of the more ambient cuts that circled around the more rhythm-heavy / dubstep-not-dubstep / dancehall-not-dancheall / hip-hop-not-hip-hop type cuts which appeared on his album back then - this album swerves in a swift manner through heavyweight dancefloor crushers and lightfooted ambience, via weirdo sequences and chopups, peppered with constant twist & turns in that magic Aardvarck way.

This one's for the heads that know, but also for those that don't....
As much of a reminder of Aardvarck's understated, often under-appreciated greatness, as it is an introduction to his infectious, more-ish music, compiled into one CD.

Worth dusting your old CD player off for, or nicking a car so you can load this one up.

1 Words By Gaslamp Killer
Vocals – The Gaslamp Killer
2 Lucky Shot
Vocals – Alexandra De Ex-Buurvrouw
3 Hoezo?
4 Gestolen 21
5 Breaking Bad
6 Je Bent Zelf Raar!
7 Leuk He!
8 Snoeiharde Tekkno Met Stoere Biet
9 Butsbuts
10 3 Tot 1 Zonder Toaster
11 Grijze Bloemen
12 Dik
13 Ge-gapt Dist
14 Vinnik Zelf Lekker
15 Deadwood
16 Stolen Jazz
17 Heal
18 Andy's Theme
19 Ge-kaait Speedmetal
20 Ge-vat Loop & Biet Niet
21 Find The Cow..Almost
22 Begin Van't Eind


je bent zelf raar

tot 1 zonder toaster

stolen jazz