• Aardvarck – Cult Copy LP

Aardvarck – Cult Copy LP

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Absolutely 1000% great record this

- came out 15 years ago and still sounds great, if not better than it did when it first dropped...

Gatefold,  2 x 12” Album by the one & only Aardvarck.

As Aardvarck himself states on the sleeve notes, this album is a nod to the Detroit Techno sound, pioneered by the likes of Carl Craig.

Aardvarck certainly captures that raw sound pallette and instant drive, whilst maintaing his signature fluidity in arrangement, inspired rhythms, killer drum work in nicely mad Aardvarck style throughout.

Crammed with 15 tracks that blend coherently – From the constantly re-appearing shuffle of ‘Cult Copy’ 1, 2 , 3 and ‘Cult Copy 3 Dub?’ throughout the LP, to the ever evolving tracks ‘Buuv’, ‘Caron Outro’ and ‘Theme Park’, the way this record rolls makes it almost impossible to lift the needle before the end...

Absolute top-a-top stuff. It honestly doesn't get much better than this.
- Check for yourself and report back when you're done...

Packaged in a  Gatefold picture sleeve designed by Delta Inc.

Aardvarck - Start

Aardvarck - Buuv

Aardvarck - Cult Copy 3* Dub?

Aardvarck - Komt Goed