• Aardvarck & Kubus – Gloom

Aardvarck & Kubus – Gloom

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Gloom is the second split effort between high-grade Dutch beatmakers ‘Aardvarck’ and ‘Kubus’.

Aardvarck goes in with his distinct caliber of beats and stretched melodies, creating a unique flurry of oldschool techno, hip hop and dancehall underpinned by a constant force of rhythm and bass.

‘Wall E Synth’, a fresh and ferocious beat that just keeps getting better and better as it continues, ‘Prince Would’ and it’s highly engaging rhythm that feels like it’s constantly stepping out of reach, inviting you for a dance, and of course ‘Tekk Toek’ a soulful, yet grooving and hard beat that stands out from most, make this twelve worth buying alone!

To top it off, Kubus steps in on the flipside, with some insanely loud and bass heavy bangers that will seriously spin things round in the dance!

Limited white label!

Aardvarck - Wall E Synth

Aardvarck - Prince Would

Aardvarck - Tekk Toek

Kubus - Zonder Baan