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Aardvarck - Nubian


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Two murderous Dancefloor workouts by the Pig, coming via the Rush Hour label from Amsterdam, with the mysterious PIG catalog number.

Shuffling breakbeats, drum machine jams and low-end rumbles that would not sound out of place in a warehouse rave back in the 90's are coupled with shiny vocal chops, floating strings and rugged chords coming off like Carl Craig's or Theo's finest... Yet, as always these tracks maintain a deliciously fresh Aardvarck signature shape and size.

Whilst 'Nubian' builds on a desperate vocal call and Techno-esque bassline manoevres reminiscent of the tribal styles of T++ and the likes, both the top side and the flip 'Pig Todd You So' - a nod to Todd Terry's signature New York House edits - remain deep and precise in movements whilst drawing in a whole heap of well informed influences from various corners...
This is why Aardvarck is a badman: Unique, yet never out of place.

Absolute Killers.


Pigg Todd You So