• Aba Ariginal Meets Mali Blakamix - Ariginal Bubbla E.P.

Aba Ariginal Meets Mali Blakamix - Ariginal Bubbla E.P.

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Wicked to see Mixman's son Mali Blakamix step up once again via the original Blakamix label (of course) -

Aba Ariginal links up on the horn section and lifts up the vibes in a great way, for an anthemic stepper with Ariginal Bubbla on the A side, and the deeper meds of Jubiliation Rock on the flip. Both drop heavy and move with forward energy and deep bassline vibration, and especially when it comes to the dub cuts, you can hear that blakamix attitude in the rhythm & bass sections and the tripped out use of effects.

(as per usual) a special mention goes to the dub versions here - things get extra extra wicked on the Dub Bubbla cuts - check that wild third one especiallly - great to hear Mali create his own spin of those blakamix style deep, stepping dub zones on the mixing desk, with a wild effects chain adding tons of energy to an already heavyweight riddim.

An all round big 12". Blakamix fire.


Ariginal Bubbla


Dub Bubbla I


Dub Bubbla II


Jubilation Rock


Jubilation Dub


Ariginal Militant" (2021 mix)