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Aba Shanti-I / The Shanti-Ites - Positive Vibration / Love & Unity

Aba Shanti-I

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Top of the draw Aba Shanti-I & Shanti-ites soundsystem killers from 1995 -

The 2nd 12" disc on the seminal Falasha Recordings, this stone cold anthem 'Postive Vibration' comes cut in two heavyweight 'verses' on the A Side.
A snippet of Aba in the dance lifts out of the signature DX7 chimes and bassline, this one is pure elevation for all soundsystem heads who know... If you're not wise to this one, it's time to turn it up and let it do it's work. Pure magic.

Flip it for 'Love & Unity', a deep melancholic, typical 90's Aba instrumental - like only he does it.

Don't let the 90's production fool your ears. This is special stuff and will go down in history as one of the toughest, most heartfelt definitions of the original UK Dub sound.

Positive Vibration

Verse II

Love & Unity

Verse II