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STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING FANS OF Muslimgauze,  Abu Ama, Saint Abdullah, Rozzma, Sote, 1127, Msylma, Fatima Al Qadiri ................


Here's something undeniably special, whisking you away with one click of 'play' from whatever shitty desk you're at.
Totally bewitching Middle Eastern mystical industrial sonics, infused with djinn magic by Danish breakcore LEGEND Hvad on tabla, violin, electronics and scrap metal then cut to locked groove dubplates for ultimate sonic rekonstruktion. The beats stutter and clang amidst swirls of atmospherics, whipped into trance with layers of pagan prayer and trumpet from Cairo's Abdullah Miniawy. Already flipping heads with his Simo Cell and Carl Gari collabs (on Trilogy Tapes and Whities), Abdullah seeks new forms for traditional desert singing through poetic self-mythology - the results here are stunning and even deeper than on these previous high-profile outings.
The LP cover speaks a thousand words in a language you probably don't know. You cling to your donkey, following a robed man between the train tracks into the rural mists of a strange land. Pure magic.

Meanwhile The Survivors Are Shamefully Arriving (King Of Rome)

Four Frontiers

Dirty Lanes Take (Dirty Canes Lake)

Notice A Tiny Scratch For The Blue Behind

Sighted Blind