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Ireland's Major Problems reissuing some classic '90s Bleep 'n' Bass from Ability II, backed up with a junglist reimagining by Luca Lozano and the highly coveted dubbed out version on the flip.

Bleep 'n' Bass holds a special place in the hearts of the older generation (and younger too) of British Ravers, its inception heralding the first uniquely British conceptualisation of house and techno. Those of you who've read Simon Reynolds' Energy Flash will have a good idea of what it meant at the time, but to understand the genre read only the name of it. Electro-inspired bleep synth melodies and hard, frenetic sub bass lines extrapolated from the rich sound-system culture brought to the UK by the Afro-Carribean community; these were the genre standards.

And so it is on Pressure. On the original version, the classic Chicago house and Detroit techno signifiers established in the opening are subverted by those uniquely British melodic influences and the hard-stepping bassline that underpins the kick.

The Dub version does exactly what it says on the tin: turns the melodics and vocals of the original into cavernous splashes of harmonic colour, reverberating and delaying almost infinitely across the bare-bones riddim that underpins it all. The dub influence is so obvious here and makes for properly head-turning listening even 25 years later.

Big props the art on this as well, lovely stuff!


Pressure (Luca Lozano Remix)

Pressure (Dub)