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Bokeh Versions coming through with some underground platinum right here, issuing a cherry picked selection of unchained creations from the mysterious Abu Ama -

Mindblowing business, this one is a ride through unknown territory, spaced out visions of the middle east and skewed every day sounds make up this trip, and it's sure to get your brain cells working.
Right from the start, with that heart melting, sublime middle eastern string section - we are suckers for this frequency - and seemingly omni-directional field recordings drenched in pitch black reverb, we drop right, and we continue to move with it.

This tape hosts a feast of rhythms, sounds and unusual frequency, effortlessly dancing through more contemporary outernational rhythms and melody, but it's the all consuming mist of utterly strange atmosphere that sends Arabxo Ishara into higher, more psychadelic, wilder regions.

If you're looking for something utterly fresh, forward thinking highly involving, this one is for you.

Here's what Bokeh tells us:

'Step into Arabxo Ishara: Abu Ama's dubwise tales of Turkish traditional song, sufi ghosts, Syrian locked grooves and Indonesian field recordings. Snatches of UK pub talk strung together with rumbles of sub add to the disorientating lack of place - wherever you are, you're arriving here for the first time.

Abu Ama lives in West-Germany; talks of his gypsy roots and vague links to Spiral Tribe. He can often be found teaching local refugees English at the weekends. Arabxo Ishara follows releases on NY based darkwave collective Hexx 9. After some discussion he sent Bokeh Edwards almost 500 demos: 'pick some' he said.'

100%, yes.

1: Pashmak
2: Bin Ladens Funeral Fiesta
3: Tired In Istanbul
4: Back In England
5: Aramazd
6: Kufi Wood Art
7: Sleep Well In Jakarta

Kufi Wood Art


Bin Ladens Funeral Fiesta