• Abu Ama - The Murky Session

Abu Ama - The Murky Session

Reyetto Tapes

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We managed to get one handful of these limited tapes (edition of 20!) from Reyetto Tapes out of Rome, sent over to Bristol for worldwide distro to all who want a piece of the raw, international abstract-dub sound of Abu Ama - captured here in a 'live setting' across 60minutes of deep-zoning, bass droning rhythm excursions in Abu Ama's wild-style....

This one's been on repeat here - it's a great listen from start to finish - proper hypnotic.

"The Murky Session" emerged from confused memory of a strange and pandemic time. Abu Ama’s reaction was to escape into music, thus elaborating his annoyed and faded state into this monotone trippy vibe. A mishmash carpet made of bass sounds and field recordings.

This is the way a murky session was brought out, with a dark acid music pattern to distract you at best. There was no pre-arranged intention to create this set, simple expression of life.

Abu Ama, who is of gipsy origins, is a West-German producer. He defines the music that makes "ARABXO", as having no boundaries of genres, enclosing dub, experimental, tribal and industrial influences. He likes to use sounds from all over the East and mixes them with heavyweight bass."

Last chance to get a copy of this rare treasure, temporarily held here on this god forsaken Island, just waiting to escape in a mail bag....

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