Accident Du Travail - Très Précieux Sang

The Trilogy Tapes

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The Ondes Martenot is a curious instrument. Apart from its rather unusual input methods (either a keyboard or, in the style of a Theremin, a metal ring on the right hand index finger), it produces an otherworldly sound that captured the imaginations of a plethora of twentieth-century composers and music-makers, ranging from Olivier Messiaen to Johnny Greenwood.

On Très Précieux Sang, Julie Normal & Olivier Demeaux construct a deep, meditative opus that spans the gap between electro-acoustic sonic experimentation and neo-classicist arrangements with results that are astonishingly fresh despite these relatively archaic sound-sources. A retrospective eye has worked wonders with these under-appreciated instruments, and Très Précieux Sang is a timeless reminder of the power of minimalist approaches to musical harmony and structure.

Pieces unfurl slowly and deliberately, with a refreshingly human feel despite the cold timbral qualities of the instruments that produce them. Part of this is achieved through the improvisatory nature of the LP, which permeates each of the pieces in their free-form approach to harmonic progression and lack of rhythmic focus.

This is one to lose yourself in.

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