• Ach Gleich - Take Power
  • Ach Gleich - Take Power
  • Ach Gleich - Take Power
  • Ach Gleich - Take Power

Ach Gleich - Take Power

Empty Head Rich Heart

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Wicked import 10" from the Empty Head Rich Heart label -

Some of you might remember all those gone-in-a-flash 7"s we had up on here in over the years? O$VMV$M, Bad Tracking, Ossia, chester giles etc? - Well, after a brief hiatus (then again, the label was always about quality not quantity) EHRH are back with a really special package, from the music to the hand assembled artwork. This one has been in the works for some years - we remember hearing some early incarnations here and there from time to time - and is finally ready to be unleashed on wax. Deep tripping introspection and rhythm experiments from EHRH label boss Adrian, once known as Nazca, now back as A. Gleich.
'Smell you later aligator' - we're off to follow this perfectly dingy, somehow cosy, yet always intriguing rabbit hole of dubwise experimentation.

Limited to 100 copies only, DIY style, hand-stamped incl poster inserts.

Includes DL code.