• ACR029 - Half & Half EP

ACR029 - Half & Half EP

Alphacut Records

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From menacing soundscapes and redacted breakbeats that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a warehouse jungle rave in the mid 90’s, to more technoid, apocalyptic future-esque transmissions, ACR029 brings in four different artists to complete the sonically themed ‘Half & Half EP’.

Dooming silences and eerie textures are answered with restrained drum patterns, sounding like the remnants of a floppy disk that was retrieved in a future world, with scientists trying to gather information about the world before semi-destruction, with far advanced technology hindering the full decipherment of data…

Dysfunctional Drum & Bass torn to shreds, re-pieced into something more intimidating and perilous… precision Jungle geared at the dancefloor circa 2096.

White Vinyl limited to 200 hand-numbered Copies complete with eleven locked grooves, purple spraypainted Alphacut logo. 

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