Admas - Kalatashew Waga / Andras Fox Remix

Major Problems

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Amazing proto-house / otherwordly G funk vibes from 1984, by the one-and-only 'Admas' out of Ethiopia, backed with a fresh Andras Fox re-lick.

As the summer, slooowly, creeps in through those thick clouds and days get longer, it's time to listen to some niceness again, and this reissue of the killer Kalatashew Waga from around 1984 serves that purpose in just the right way.
As we've come to learn from Admas, it's all about those floaty chords, fluid rhythms and heart-melting harmonies. It's very honest music that pays homage to the funk & soul lords and the and perhaps inevitable influences from Ethio-Jazz such as Mulatu Astatke.

The outcome is highly uplifting and somewhat mesmerising - their tracks are cheesy in juuust the right way, we love it.
Also check out their track 'Astawesalehu' - it's so good.

Anyway, the 'Major Problems' label have done all crate diggers and lovers of sweet & soulful music a real favour here, reissuing this absolute gem that original came out on the illusive Africa Heritage records, and getting long-time fan (You can definitely hear influences there!) Andras Fox to rework the track, which he does with finesse.

Absolutely lovely stuff, do yourself a favour!

hand-stamped, limited edition of 200.
Served in embossed disco sleeve.

Kalatashew Waga

Andras Fox Remix