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African Ghost Valley - Orwatch

Industrial Coast

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Ltd run of 25, concrete, psycho acoustic noise tapes, from African Ghost Valley, on Industrialcoast -

On this DIY excursion for IC, AGC, titled 'Orwatch, and coming in a fierce, industrial-edged musique concrete style - organic, and industrial sound sources and electronic sound manipulation are forged into new scenes via Ghebrezghi Gabriel & Childe Grangier, who harness the noise in between the tangled wires and the microphone pickups, leaving the bleak foundations of negative space to flash up against stark contrasts and hollow depths. The result is an otherwordly rumble, like an anarchic struggle of the machines & nature, trying to find their new post-human rhythm.

Edition of 25.
C24, onbody print,
Ocard with postcard art,
presented in white stringed envelope.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3