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African Head Charge - Environmental Studies (Reissue) LP

On U Sound

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Initially released in late '82 - now back in press for me & you -

Crucial African Head Charge milestones are now back in press (check the site for the rest) and that's good news to all fans of On.U Sound, Sherwood, Bonjo Iyabinghi and also for those who don't have a clue what this fuss is about, but want to know more about the AHC madness.

Environmental Studies is driven by Bonjo's percussive style in conjunction with some of the reggae world's finest players of instruments, coupled with young, bold Sherwood's utterly futuristic 'no fucks given' recording and mixing technique.
Following on from the groundwork of their first Album 'MY Life In A Hole In The Ground' (released the year before) this LP reaches for the lowest, dankest depths of the echo chamber... In fact, the sleeve notes tell us that Adrian Sherwood had actually perused the ancient Plate reverb in London's Berry Studios and hooked some mics up in the far corners of the building (aka the toilets) for a real sense of JA-informed DIY dub technique.

On The Wire presenter and long-standing On.U Sound affiliate Steve Barker gives the full lowdown on the comprehensive sleeve notes, but here are some facts to give you an idea of the flavours contained in this extraordinary musical soup:

Features contributions from Bruce Smith (The Pop Group), Style Scott (Roots Radics) and Deadly Headley (The Wailers).

Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin for maximum bass pressure.

Includes download card.

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